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How to list all installed packages on Ubuntu

Ubuntu 14.04 and above The apt tool on Ubuntu 14.04 and above makes this very easy. apt list --installed Older Versions To get a list of packages installed locally do this in your terminal: dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall (The -v tag “inverts” grep to return non-matching lines) To get a list of …

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A script to review a Zimbra account and it’s folder sizes

I came across stsimb@Github‘s repository zimbra-scripts which had this nice script called What it does, is somewhat similar to the way Zimbra list an accounts folders in zmmailbox. Zimbra provides the following using zmmailbox: zimbra@pikachu:~$ zmmailbox -z -m gaf Id View Unread Msg Count Path ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- ---------- 1 …

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